All-electric green lawn care in the 757

Mowing, edging, cleanup & more, starting at $19.99
Low cost for you & the environment!

Why mow?

mow is electric, eco-friendly care for outdoor spaces of any size.

Eco-friendly, quiet, affordable, & personalized

mow believes that people can maintain and enjoy their outdoor spaces in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. We use electric equipment and locally available plants to reduce emissions, sound, and environmental impact.


Our electric mowers produce no tailpipe emissions and the electricity used to power them is significantly cleaner than the gas used to power traditional mowers. We strive to do the best for your yard and for the environment.


Electric commercial equipment produces approximately 4 times less sound than gas-powered equipment, making it easier for us to do work without bothering you or your neighbors.


Local sourcing and electric equipment allows us to save costs on gas, maintenance, and materials. We get to pass these savings on to you!


Your yard and needs are unique! We'll discuss what you need, how we'll do it, and exactly how much it will cost, being completely transparent through the entire process.

Outside of our service area? Contact us and we'll let you know when we can come to you!

Meet the mow team!

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